SNOMED CT Concept: Aplastic anemia (disorder) 306058006

Anemia due to decreased red cell production (disorder) 59106005
Bone marrow disorder (disorder) 127035006
Erythropenia (finding) 62574001
Pancytopenia (disorder) 127034005
Platelet disorder (disorder) 22716005
White blood cell disorder (disorder) 54097007
Aplastic anemia (disorder) 306058006
  • Aplastic anaemia
  • Aplastic anemia
  • Erythroid aplasia
Acquired aplastic anemia (disorder) 55907008
Aplastic anemia associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (disorder) 421102007
Aplastic anemia associated with metabolic alteration (disorder) 413565006
Aplastic anemia caused by radiation (disorder) 191247005
Aplastic anemia caused by toxic cause (disorder) 191248000
Aplastic anemia due to chronic disease (disorder) 191244003
Fanconi's anemia (disorder) 30575002
Idiopathic aplastic anemia (disorder) 191256002
Immunologic aplastic anemia (disorder) 77084001
Secondary aplastic anemia (disorder) 43858000