Atrial fibrillation resolved

Coding system
CTV3 (Read V3) with TPP extensions
Codelist ID


The following codes are used to indicate Atrial fibrillation resolved


The following codes are prepared from CTV3 and expected to be used in general practices in records of people with Atrial fibrillation resolved. They cover a broad range and some codes may no longer be in routine use. The codelists have been derived from information supporting the general practice quality and outcomes framework to support research in OpenSAFELY. Once imported they were reviewed and ....OPTIONAL x, y and z was done (remove if it was signed off)


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This definition has been computed by taking the manually created full codelist and converting it to a list of rules that define the codelist.

CTV3Code Description
XaLFz Atrial fibrillation resolved

Codes in the definition are underlined. Codes in the full codelist are in blue. Related codes not in the codelist are in black.