COPD Infection

Coding system
CTV3 (Read V3) with TPP extensions
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Codes indicating a diagnosis of COPD exacerbation or a LRTI infection


This codelist combines 2 other codelists called COPD exacerbation and LRTI infection and the methodology for how these were created are available on those codelist:

  • COPD exacerbation
  • LRTI


Signed off by

  • Brian MacKenna, EBM Datalab (May 15, 2020)
  • Ian Douglas, LSHTM (May 15, 2020)

This definition has been computed by taking the manually created full codelist and converting it to a list of rules that define the codelist.

CTV3PreferredTermDesc CTV3ID CTV3Source
Acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive airways disease H3122 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute infective exacerbation chronic obstruct airway disease Xa35l CTV3_Children
Acute non-infective exacerbation of COPD XaZd1 CTV3_Children
Chron obstruct pulmonary dis wth acute exacerbation, unspec X101i CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Chron obstruct pulmonary dis wth acute exacerbation, unspec H3y1. CTV3_Children
[X]Acute bronchiolitis due to other specified organisms Hyu11 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
[X]Acute bronchitis due to other specified organisms Hyu10 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
[X]Flu+oth respiratory manifestations,'flu virus identified Hyu04 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
[X]Influenza+oth respiratory manifestatns,virus not identifd Hyu06 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
[X]Influenza+other manifestations,influenza virus identified Hyu05 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
[X]Other acute lower respiratory infections Hyu1. CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute bacterial bronchitis X1007 CTV3_Children
Acute bacterial bronchitis unspecified H060x CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute bronchiolitis H061. CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute bronchiolitis due to adenovirus X100D CTV3_Children
Acute bronchiolitis due to human metapneumovirus XaYYt CTV3_Children
Acute bronchiolitis due to other specified organisms H0616 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute bronchiolitis due to respiratory syncytial virus H0615 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute bronchiolitis NOS H061z CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute bronchiolitis with bronchospasm H0612 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute bronchitis XE0Xr CTV3Map_Code_Only
Acute bronchitis XE0Xr CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute bronchitis (& wheezy) H060. CTV3_Children
Acute bronchitis and bronchiolitis H06.. CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute bronchitis due to rhinovirus H060E CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute bronchitis NOS H060z CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute bronchitis or bronchiolitis NOS H06z. CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute capillary bronchiolitis H0610 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute chlamydial bronchitis X100A CTV3_Children
Acute coxsackievirus bronchitis H060B CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute croupous bronchitis H0604 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute echovirus bronchitis H060F CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute exudative bronchiolitis H0613 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute fibrinous bronchitis H0600 CTV3_Children
Acute haemophilus influenzae bronchitis H0608 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute infective bronchitis XaDtB CTV3_Children
Acute lower respiratory tract infection XE0Xt CTV3Map_Code_Only
Acute lower respiratory tract infection XE0Xt CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute membranous bronchitis H0601 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute mycoplasmal bronchitis X1009 CTV3_Children
Acute Neisseria catarrhalis bronchitis H0609 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute obliterating bronchiolitis H0611 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute parainfluenza virus bronchitis H060C CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute pneumococcal bronchitis H0606 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute pseudomembranous bronchitis H0602 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute purulent bronchitis H0603 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute respiratory syncytial virus bronchitis H060D CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute streptococcal bronchitis H0607 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute viral bronchiolitis X100C CTV3_Children
Acute viral bronchitis X100B CTV3_Children
Acute viral bronchitis unspecified H060w CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute wheezy bronchitis XM1QX CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Acute wheezy bronchitis XM1QX CTV3Map_Code_Only
Acute: [bronchitis]/[chest infections]/[tracheobronchitis] XE0Yt CTV3_Children
Avian influenza XaMih CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Avian influenza virus nucleic acid detection XaLT5 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Bronchiolitis obliterans X101l CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Bronchiolitis obliterans with usual interstitial pneumonitis X102z CTV3_Children
Chest cold H07.. CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Chest infection - unspecified bronchitis X1006 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Chest infection (& NOS) H06z0 CTV3_Children
Chest infection NOS XE0Xs CTV3Map_Code_Only
Chest infection NOS XE0Xs CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Chronic obstruct pulmonary dis with acute lower resp infectn H3y0. CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Drug-induced bronchiolitis obliterans X101m CTV3_Children
Flu-like illness NOS XM0s0 CTV3_Children
Human parainfluenza virus detected XaPOk CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Infection of lower respiratory tract X1004 CTV3Map_Code_Only
Infection of lower respiratory tract X1004 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Infection of lower respiratory tract and mediastinum XM1QV CTV3_Children
Influenza H27.. CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza A virus H1N1 subtype detected XaQVd CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza A virus, other or untyped strain detected XaPIR CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza B virus detected XaPIS CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza due to Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 XaQQp CTV3Map_Code_Only
Influenza due to Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 XaQQp CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza due to pandemic influenza virus XaeVL CTV3_Children
Influenza due to seasonal influenza virus XaeVM CTV3_Children
Influenza due to zoonotic influenza virus XaeVK CTV3_Children
Influenza H1 virus detected XaPIN CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza H2 virus detected XaPIO CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza H3 virus detected XaPIP CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza H5 virus detected XaPIQ CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza NOS XE0YK CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza NOS XE0YK CTV3Map_Code_Only
Influenza with bronchopneumonia H2700 CTV3_Children
Influenza with encephalopathy H27y0 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza with gastrointestinal tract involvement H27y1 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza with laryngitis H2710 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza with other manifestations H27y. CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza with other manifestations NOS H27yz CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza with other respiratory manifestation H271. CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza with pharyngitis H2711 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza with pneumonia due to seasonal influenza virus XaeVN CTV3_Children
Influenza with pneumonia NOS H270z CTV3_Children
Influenza with pneumonia, influenza virus identified H2701 CTV3_Children
Influenza with respiratory manifestations NOS H271z CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenzal pneumonia H270. CTV3_Children
Influenza-like illness XM0rz CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Influenza-like illness XM0rz CTV3Map_Code_Only
Influenza-like symptoms XaIBK CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Obliterating fibrous bronchiolitis H0614 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Parainfluenza type 1 nucleic acid detection XaMB6 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Parainfluenza type 2 nucleic acid detection XaMB7 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Parainfluenza type 3 nucleic acid detection XaMB8 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Parainfluenzal pneumonia H202. CTV3_Children
Pneumonia and influenza H2... CTV3_Children
Possible influenza A virus H1N1 subtype XaQVc CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Postoperative chest infection SP132 CTV3_Children
Respiratory tract infection (& [acute lower] or [lower]) H06z1 CTV3_Children
Subacute bronchitis unspecified H060v CTV3_Children
Suspected influenza A virus subtype H1N1 infection XaQSm CTV3Map_Code_Only
Suspected influenza A virus subtype H1N1 infection XaQSm CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
Toxic bronchiolitis obliterans H4641 CTV3_Children
Viral pneumonia (& chest infection) H20.. CTV3_Children
[X]Influenza with other manifestations, virus not identified Hyu07 CTV3Map_Code_And_Term

Codes not in the full codelist are in faint grey.