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CTV3 (Read V3) with TPP extensions
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CTV3 (READ V3) codelist for Worms


This codelist was derived by the following method:

  • [Read 2 Codelist] created by LSHTM.
  • Codes from SNOMED were taken by searching for relevant terms

These lists were mapped into CTV3 by TPP to create one list. This list was examined by 2 people.


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Signed off by

  • Harriet Forbes, LSHTM (July 9, 2020)
  • Laurie Tomlinson, LSHTM (July 10, 2020)

This definition has been computed by taking the manually created full codelist and converting it to a list of rules that define the codelist.

CTV3ID CTV3PreferredTermDesc CTV3Source
XE0SZ Enterobiasis CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XE0SZ Enterobiasis CTV3Map_Code_Only
19E9. Worms in faeces (& [symptom]) CTV3_Children
AC74. (Threadworm enterobiasis) or (oxyuriasis) or (pinworm) High_Level_SNOMED
X76fH Worms in faeces symptom CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
X76fH Worms in faeces symptom CTV3Map_Code_Only
XE0UK (Threadworms &/or enterobiasis) or (pinworm) High_Level_SNOMED
XE0rM Worms in stool CTV3Map_Code_And_Term
XE0rM Worms in stool CTV3Map_Code_Only
XE1Sr Threadworm contact CTV3Map_Code_Only
XaBwf Worms in the family CTV3Map_Code_And_Term

Codes in the definition are underlined. Codes in the full codelist are in blue. Related codes not in the codelist are in black.