SNOMED CT Concept: Anemia (disorder) 271737000

Disorder of cellular component of blood (disorder) 414022008
Erythropenia (finding) 62574001
Hemoglobin low (finding) 165397008
Anemia (disorder) 271737000
  • Anemia
  • Anaemia
  • Absolute anemia
  • Absolute anaemia
Acquired Heinz body anemia (disorder) 18662002
Anemia associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (disorder) 420543008
Anemia caused by physical agent (disorder) 111581008
Anemia caused by substance (disorder) 424988008
Anemia co-occurrent and due to chronic kidney disease (disorder) 707323002
Anemia co-occurrent and due to chronic kidney disease stage 3 (disorder) 691421000119108
Anemia co-occurrent and due to end stage renal disease (disorder) 707324008
Anemia due to blood loss (disorder) 413532003
Anemia due to decreased red cell production (disorder) 59106005
Anemia due to disorders of nucleotide metabolism (disorder) 191180008
Anemia due to disturbance of hemoglobin synthesis (disorder) 14514008
Anemia due to disturbance of proliferation AND/OR differentiation of erythroid precursor cells (disorder) 41462006
Anemia due to intrinsic red cell abnormality (disorder) 323666000
Anemia due to metabolic disorder (disorder) 737220002
Anemia due to multiple mechanisms (disorder) 45098004
Anemia due to unknown mechanism (disorder) 79035003
Anemia in mother complicating pregnancy, childbirth AND/OR puerperium (disorder) 45828008
Anemia in neoplastic disease (disorder) 191265009
Anemia of chronic disorder (disorder) 234347009
Anemia of diabetes (disorder) 82980005
Anemia of endocrine disorder (disorder) 31820007
Anemia of renal disease (disorder) 234348004
Anemia related to disturbed deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis (disorder) 105599000
Aregenerative anemia (disorder) 89112009
Central nervous system calcification, deafness, tubular acidosis, anemia syndrome (disorder) 726669007
Chronic anemia (disorder) 191268006
Congenital anemia (disorder) 63565007
Deficiency anemias (disorder) 267513007
Dilutional anemia (disorder) 234346000
Fetal anemia (disorder) 462166006
Hemolytic anemia (disorder) 61261009
Macrocytic anemia (disorder) 83414005
Microcytic anemia (disorder) 234349007
Myelodysplastic syndrome: Refractory anemia, without ringed sideroblasts, without excess blasts (disorder) 109996008
Myelophthisic anemia (disorder) 2694001
Neonatal anemia (disorder) 234350007
Non megaloblastic anemia due to alcoholism (disorder) 86325007
Normocytic anemia (disorder) 300980002
Normocytic hypochromic anemia (disorder) 44452003
Normocytic normochromic anemia (disorder) 46737006
Nutritional anemia (disorder) 66612000
On examination - clinically anemic (disorder) 164142002
On examination - equivocally anemic (disorder) 164141009
On examination - profoundly anemic (disorder) 164143007
Perinatal anemia (disorder) 387702001
Recurrent anaemia (disorder) 866381000000109
Refractory anemia with excess blasts (disorder) 398623004
Refractory anemia with excess blasts in transformation (disorder) 110000005
Regenerative anemia (disorder) 115963009
Relative anemia (disorder) 11503009
Sideroblastic anemia (disorder) 41841004
Sports anemia (disorder) 387745008