SNOMED CT Concept: Demographic history detail (observable entity) 302147001

Social / personal history observable (observable entity) 160476009
Demographic history detail (observable entity) 302147001
  • Demographic history detail
  • Demographic history
Address (observable entity) 397635003
Caregiver details (observable entity) 184140000
City of residence (observable entity) 433178008
Country of birth (observable entity) 315354004
Country of origin (observable entity) 276205001
Country of residence (observable entity) 416647007
County of residence (observable entity) 432407003
Date of birth (observable entity) 184099003
Ethnic group (observable entity) 364699009
Father's occupation (observable entity) 1092991000000105
Guarantor name (observable entity) 398079003
Guarantor phone number (observable entity) 398198004
Key Holder (observable entity) 184149004
Language for which interpreter is needed (observable entity) 439736001
Language preference (observable entity) 428996008
Language read (observable entity) 134266007
Language spoken (observable entity) 161139007
Legal guardian details (observable entity) 408582004
Marital status (observable entity) 125680007
Mother's occupation (observable entity) 1092981000000108
Name (observable entity) 703503000
National surgical quality improvement program defined race (observable entity) 414807004
Patient - email address (observable entity) 424966008
Patient distance from office (observable entity) 184106000
Patient door access key code (observable entity) 823131000000105
Patient occupation (observable entity) 184104002
Patient postal code (observable entity) 184102003
Patient previous occupation (observable entity) 205121000000108
Patient registered general practitioner (observable entity) 711481000000108
Patient sex (observable entity) 184100006
Patient telephone number (observable entity) 184103008
Patient title (observable entity) 184098006
Patient's next of kin (observable entity) 184142008
Place of origin (observable entity) 307117005
Preferred mode of communication (observable entity) 428330008
Primary insurer (observable entity) 398174006
Race (observable entity) 103579009
Relationship of consenting agent to patient (observable entity) 397995003
Secondary Insurer (observable entity) 398069000
Service user's alias (observable entity) 408588000
Significant individuals to subject of record (observable entity) 1093001000000109
Social security number (observable entity) 398093005
Social services identification number (observable entity) 108651000000103
Street address (observable entity) 398099009