SNOMED CT Concept: Transplant of lung (procedure) 88039007

Operation on lung (procedure) 387714009
Thorax transplantation (procedure) 120158008
Transplantation (procedure) 77465005
Transplant of lung (procedure) 88039007
  • Transplant of lung
  • LTx - Lung transplant
Allotransplant of heart and lung (procedure) 174802006
Allotransplantation of lobe of lung from live donor (procedure) 820361000000105
Autotransplant of lung (procedure) 62511003
Bilateral sequential single lung transplant (procedure) 232660006
Double lung transplant (procedure) 232658009
Heart-lung transplant with recipient cardiectomy-pneumonectomy (procedure) 32477003
Reimplantation of lung (procedure) 14681002
Single lung transplant (procedure) 232657004
Transplantation of single lobe of lung (procedure) 429332008